Posted on September 10, 2010


this has been a terrible food week for me.  we’ve had lunch catered at work every day and it hasn’t been healthy choices.  plus, i’ve been strapped to my desk for 11+ hours each day.  my stomach is hating me right now.  miss ellie’s was for lunch…their pizza is delicious.  the crust is chewy and their toppings are fresh.  i always top my slices with a healthy covering or crushed red pepper.

 i was tired and cranky after i got home.  so, after a quick run and some time on the elliptical, i heated up some leftovers.  we made these turkey burgers over the weekend.  ground turkey + jalapeno + onions + garlic + weber steak seasoning + tillamook cheddar stuffed in the middle.  they were pretty tasty and i had some yummy veggies we roasted as a side.  it was a nice break from my carb-heavy lunch.

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